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Hmmm i had a nice weekend in Lincoln - i've been placed here for 7 weeks now and this was the first time i stayed over a weekend (but only cos a couple of my friends came up) and we explored the place a bit. Had great weather on sat so shopped and went to an ice cream palour and tea room - i know, it's a little indulgent - but it looked so quaint and sweet and we just had to.

On sunday - it rained so we took pics at the cathedral - well no one said i had to be logical. But I cooked a BIG traditional fried breakfast for them which all food lovers would be proud of - sausages (chicken cos i don't eatpork) waffles, eggs, fish fingers, mushrooms and toast. It was very cool.

Did mean i hadn't slept much though - sat night bed was at 3.30 am and i was awake before 8 to start breakfast cos i thought they had to leave early (they changed their minds!!) That wouldn't have been so bad except last night one of the weirdos i leav with woke me up twice during the night cos she was feeling really sick and vomiting - not quite sure what she expected me to do! really tired. want to sleep. but can't cos have work still to do.

today - skiving theatre again - i think in total i've probably only been like 3 times (we're supposed to do so twice a week) but it's really dull. the evil surgeon won't let us scrub up so we have to stand in a corner and not see anything. yeah right! i'd much rather be talking to myself on this computer thingy.
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