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SGA 2.18: Michael

No Radek! *is way past upset and on to annoyed* Especially when Shep implies that Rodney can to something that Radek couldn't - and no I don't want any rational arguments about the honesty behind that - i just want to be teenage-y and hormonal.

Wow, there really is nothing that Carson can't cure (!!!) - damn them, they had to re-use the stupid retrovirus thing again.

McKay - *hugs him*

Should it worry us that the Wraith was the only one with a decent moral code?

The ending was pretty good, nicely taking us through the next couple of eps hopefully :D

Totally shallow squee - black T-shirts abound. *prays* Please God, give Radek one of those. I promise I will be good forever...after ravaging him, of course.

And the totally shallow Trek related squeee - YAY! TRIP! :D
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