Maria (ria_kukalaka) wrote,

Complete gloating - i have no modesty :D


Just had one of my clinical exams - went better than I thought. Some things, i thought i didn't do so well but the examiners were both very sweet and are giving me a pretty good grade. *excited*

Also one of the patients I looked after a few weeks ago, turned up with a Thankyou card and a huge box of M&S chocolate biscuits. The card was so unbelievably sweet (take a moment here, I'm valuing something above chocolate), she basically wrote that I was very kind and helped her through a difficult time and she's always be grateful. *so very touched*

Anyway that's I have another exam next week and pride cometh before a very long fall so I'll stop babbling about my own wonderfulness now :D

Back home tommorow for four weeks so back to normal internet soon!
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