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Malaysia Squee

Just because I'm alone in the house right now and there's only so many times you can bounce around on your own.

Despite me leaving everything to the last possible minute (but to be fair I needed to know how the exams went) it's all sorted now. So I can be properly excited. Leaving on the 25th - so less than 2 weeks! YAY!
Will be in Kuala Lumpur for 5 weeks! More YAY! We may go to Singapore for a few days at the end of it.

  • Have tickets and sorted out transportation to the airport
  • Have Insurance and Indemnity cover.
  • Checked passport.
  • Confirmed our places at the hospital.
  • Vaccinations
  • Shopping - bought the essentials - new clothes and jewellary :) Oh and lots of film for the camera! *g*

    Still to do:
  • Call accomodation place, 7am tommorow.
  • If that doesn't work book hotel.
  • Buy Malaria prophylaxis - Also to sort out tommorow
  • More shopping - less important things like a suitcase and a bag for the hand luggage - Tuesday afternoon.
  • Exchange currency and possibly get Traveller's cheques - sometime soon, maybe this week?
  • Set up direct debit for credit card - that's gonna be an interesting bill to get!!!
  • Write my entry for the sgarareathon - yep, gonna work on that. right now :D
  • Call Orange to set up roaming and buy phonecard. - Probably less important.

    Hopefully I'm not forgetting something insanely important.
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