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Update from Malaysia!

*waves madly*

Wow, is it hot here! Also I'm a bit worried that despite being in an amazing country with plenty to do, i keep finding internet cafes! LOL!

The first day I thought I'd lost my passport. I had it when we left the airport, but absolutely could not find it anywhere when we got to the hotel. So we went about looking for the number for the British Embassy etc etc until one of my friends found it tucked in between the map of the guide book! Silly! But at least after that we could start enjoying things more. We went on a pretty cheap tour of the city and have been back to the places we wanted to focus on. Including the KL tower, the 4th largest tower in the world and a huge tourist attraction because you can see the entire city and are talked through all the points of note. It was like having a bird's eye version of the tour :D Also the Twin Towers - which are connected by a skybridge and is apparently an amazing sight to see from there but it was closed! Still here for another 4 and a half weeks though so I'm sure we can try that again. The Chinese temple and National mosque were both amazing because of the exquiste detail. Other than that we've been shopping a lot and eating more. In fact I think most of our money so far has gone on food :D But there's so many different things to try. A couple of days ago we decided on an traditional Malay resturant, which was much more expensive than the usual but we thought it'd probably be worth it just to see what it was like. They like to ferment everything and there's a lot of dried fish! And durian. It's a local fruit. Must be an acquired taste. Very acquired. It was a buffet so we pretty much tried everything. I ended up just having the drink. LOL! Oooh and shopping - done lots of that too. Or at least spent lots of time walking around HUGE, and i mean HUGE shopping malls going 'wow, i wish i could afford that!' :D Actually we have to go back to the huge, just because of how impressed we all were. It's much larger than anything we've ever been to. One of my friends visiting Dubai last year and apparently they have some huge ones too but even they didn't come close. Also they have amazing use of space. This one we found looked just like a shop front from the outside and inside it was 6 levels with another 2 for parking and spread out in every direction. It took as two afternoons to work our way around that. And that wasn't even the largest or close to :D Probably my fave though.

Anyway moving to hospital accomodation tommorow, goodbye to our lovely three star hotel *is sad* and starting work on monday *excited*

Hope you're all well. Oh tikiberry - still no postcard for you :p. Hopey dearest - awww *hugs David* Keep him sane, 'k. *loves lots*
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