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hey everyone,

As always RL is getting more and more hectic. And (as I was completely astonished to find in my few weeks away) I can actually function on limited internet time. Anyway I plan on being around less so I made quite a few cuts to my flist. Goes without saying that it's nothing personal against anyone. I've been angsting for hours about having to get rid of some people. :( I love reading everyone's posts, I just don't think I can catch up on all the ones I'm likely to miss out!

Obviously anyone who wants to defriend back is totally welcome. (Whilst we're here that goes for *anyone* on the flist). If, for whatever reason, you want to continue to read my pointless babble, that's also completely fine. I hardly ever flock things.

Finally, I'm very bad at sticking to things like this so don't be too surprised if you see me still poking around your LJ. :)

Much love
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