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oooh look i'm updating two days in a row! proud of me or what?

Unfortunately still not much to say. I spend most of the morning trying to track down a guy who did some research similar to mine without luck. The hospital he worked at no longer exists! And i can't find him on the staff lits for any NHS sites. It's like he's dropped off the face of the planet.....oh wait a minute that might have happened! Let's hope not or i'm buggered.

Anyway i don't have anything else to do, since i can't do any real work without Coke. Seriously i opened my book twice and then closed it again. It's a hopeless case. SO instead i've turned to my old friend the TV - watched X-files and Dr. Phil (no don't laugh it was on and i didn't have a remote so i would have to get up to change channels!) Now going back to watch more. YAY! :D
Tags: tv, work
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