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Blame imagechild

Just for fun, go to and do a search for the phrase "____ needs" (in doublequotes as shown). In the place of the blank, enter your name. Record the top ten results of what you need and share with your friends on your journal. Who knew you had so many needs?

1. Maria needs caffeine. 
heee! I actually have some already, but more can't be bad.
2. Maria needs you. 
ummm ok.  Especially if either of the SGA Davids are reading! *g*
3. Maria needs to learn to let go.  Wow, sage advice.
4. Maria needs a good pastry shop.  Even better advice!
5. Maria needs to develop communication skills. 
:p What? Pulling faces doesn't count?
6. Maria needs time with other girls.  
I don't have the communication skills to comment on this. :D
7. Maria needs an eating plan that's low in salt and sodium, saturated fat and cholesterol.  
OMG! Someone's been talking to my sisters!
8. Maria needs to learn something about the real world. 
*whines* Do I have to? My world is far more fun.
9. Maria needs to put on more weight. 
I like this one so much more than number 7.  I've always believed 7 was an evil number.  9s are good.
10. Maria needs to be loved unconditionally.  *nods* yep, I do.  Any takers?  *g*

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