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Dr Who: Doomsday

As almost everyone has said, good episode. I loved the Mickey/Doctor stuff - OMG! how cute are they? Jake was very cool too :D Cyberman Yvonne - awww she rocks! As does Jackie, though Pete has like multiple personalities or something. The escaping Dalek, well why waste the special effects budget and a story that already works. :D

Not even gonna touch on the patheticness of Rose, cos I'm in too much of a happy place. But what a cop out! We were never supposed to hear from Mickey again either, that lasted all of about four episodes. Joss would have so killed her. :p

But one thing: The Cybermen who originally came across the void would have been covered in the radiation stuff so been sent back but what about the new ones that were made? Are they all just hanging around waiting for Super!Yvonne to wipe them out? *g*
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