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I'm bored, pity me?

Ok Gynae oncall is easily the dullest thing I've ever had to do. I sat around in a cramped oncall room with no windows for 10 hours and only saw one patient, who had a pulled muscle in her back after lifting a vacuum cleaner up some stairs. *shakes head*

So obviously I had to cheer myself up with a meme, shameless stolen from van. Plus I think it would be nice to know everyone a little better.

01.) Tell me something random about yourself.

02.) Tell me what things/fandoms you're into right now, and what stuff you think we have in common.

03.) Ask me a question that might engage us in conversation.

04.) Post an interesting picture! It can be of yourself, something in fandom you like, something you think I might like, something funny, whatever. Just don't make it too terribly huge. (Your icon doesn't count! :P)

05.) Tell me something vaguely interesting that happened to you today.
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