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SGA 3.01: No Man's Land

*bounces* So very cool!!! Some random moments that made me squee more than the rest of it.

  • Radek got to play on the Orion all by himself! And curse in Czech! YAY! Radek.

  • Lorne got to captain it. YAY! Lorne! Pity they had to blow up that ship. Lorne/Zelenka make a good team. They should have more ships to play on.

  • RODNEY!!! Oh Rodney, how are you so awesome?
    Downloading porn music.
    His usual sense of doom, oh how much I missed it.
    Buddy Breathing!

  • RONON! *loves* Which is so weird for me. Ronon's always been sort of a 'yeah he's okay, I guess, maybe'.
    "If anybody was gonna do it, it'd be you."

  • JOHN!!! Oh John, you big dork!
    "Sorry. Got the wrong number."
    "It'll be a walk in the park. A very scary park. Filled with monsters who are trying to kill me."
    "Operation 'This Will Most Likely End Badly' is a go."

  • Lorne and Rodney!
    "Didn't work on her."
    "Beckett wondered if the females would be immune."
    "Something you might have mentioned before she almost killed me, Rodney."
    "I only thought of it now."

  • Teyla being competent again! Let's have more of that!

    But every episode has it's downside. We got Elizabeth being kinda pointless and refusing to talk to some diplomats even though she has nothing else to do. Yep, sounds like her. Don't be stubborn when some good could come from it. Any other time, completely mule headed!
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