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Out of curiousity...

We were given some case studies for a medical ethic debate and I'm surprising myself by not having any strong feelings towards any of them. Hopefully that doesn't mean I have no sense of ethics! Anyway I'm throwing it open to the floor, what does everyone else think?

A patient aged 56 presents to you (as her GP/Family Doctor) requesting referral to the IVF unit for ovum donation IVF. Discuss the ethical issues involved. How might the following influence your decision.
  • She has no children.
  • She has 3 grown up children and 5 grandchildren.
  • She is willing to pay all costs.
  • If declined she may seek the same in Italy.

    A woman who has just given birth to a premature baby at 26 weeks has made inquiries about the chances of survival and of handicap. She judges the risk to be too high and requests that no attempt be made at life support. You are the Doctor attending the birth, what are the ethical issues you need to consider?
    (A fetus is considered viable after 24 weeks)

    You are a research scientist. You collected samples for HIV testing on the provision that the results be anonymous and confidential. The partner of a research subject approached you, she claims that her partner (the research participant) had deliberately infected her with HIV; she wants to know the result of the sample you analysed.
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