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SGA 3.02: Misbegotten

I'm sorta half and half on the episode. As always with SGA I liked the character relationships and almost everything that came out of Woolsey's mouth. (Plus I'm a fan of anything that gives Robert Picardo more screen time. He's going to be the Voyager equivalent of Armin Shimmerman, right?)

But I think the A plot was predictable from the moment they put the humanified Wraith on the planet. Also how stupid was it to 'retreat' Michael. Obviously they don't really practice 'live and learn'.

Still how much do I love Rodney for being the only one to have a problem with killing the human Wraith. My arms aren't wide enough to demonstrate. (Ok yes Carson too, but since this whole thing's his fault, he doesn't get too much credit.) Oh speaking of Rodney love - the mussy Weir scene, only made bearable by Rodney's 'hungry' comment!

Also I can't understand why they keep being surprised when Sheppard (and co) turn up alive once again. Stop giving up of them so easily!

And why no Radek? Rodney was struggling to get the Wraith ship in working order, surely Radek would have been an asset. Last week no Carson, this week no Radek, maybe TPTB are rationing out the secondary characters!

And now on to the quotes!
Weir: I'm sorry to put you in this position, but you're the only person besides Colonel Sheppard and General O'Neill who's actually fired a drone from that chair.
Carson: Ironically, they're the two people I nearly killed when I did that.

Woolsey: Nothing renews your appreciation for the military like threat of invasion from life-sucking aliens. I love the seriousness with which he delivered that!

Sheppard: How many maneuvers can you pull off with your manual interface?
Rodney: Well, does standing still count as a maneuver.
Sheppard: No.

Michael: You have a strong sense of empathy toward others.
Carson: It's not as strong as it used to be, believe me. (awww Carson, yeah I liked him here! Plus it's about time he learnt.)

Rodney: We couldn't hit the side of a barn.
Sheppard: Hive ships are a hundred times bigger....
Rodney: A giant, flying barn. We couldn't hit that.
LOL! Rodney love!

Woolsey: You see, in my business sometimes it's more important not to let inconvenient facts get in the way of the greater truth."
I love Woolsey!
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