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Yep, I am a year behind everyone else

It was as bad as I was expecting it to be from everything all the reactions I'd heard. It wasn't as good as the Sorkin years, but it wasn't as bad as Series 5 either. Leo's heart attack completely shocked me and I thought he'd actually died. It's a good thing I had the DVDs, I don't think I could have waited a week. Although I was more interested in the 'campaign' episodes than those that were focused around the west wing. I suppose that means they've run out of interesting plot lines :(

What I hated the most about series 5 was that the main characters were always at each other's throats. In series 6, that got worse for a while, the President and Leo arguing, Josh and Toby's fight (which made me hate Josh with a passion, thankfully it didn't last too long). Toby's but they all seemed to have settled again now. I like that Leo and the President are backing up Josh. He and Toby have, what is for them, an incredibly cute conversation.

I also don't like that Toby is still acting as Press Secretary, as well as Communications Director and Deputy Communications Director. I know they explained why. But it makes it seem like the job that CJ and Sam did for years and years is not really all that important and could be done by Toby on the side.

I really like all the new characters though.

Arnie Vinnick makes me like a Republican which I guess is the point :D But he has real respect for the President, not just when he's on TV trying to win votes. And he's played so brilliantly by Alan Alda, whom I've loved since his ER days.

Matt Santos - His win was pretty predictable and despite their build up (or maybe because of it) I didn't really think he was either going to accept the VP position or back down. Still I like him. He gives the best speeches, and he doesn't even having Toby writing them for him. :D And with the singing and the insanely optimistic attitude, he's just fun to watch.

Kate Harper is also very cool, though it's a pity we don't get to see Nancy as often anymore. I like the how, from what's been hinted about her backstory, she's such a completely different person at work than she is otherwise. Plus I love her hair. </shallowness>

Anabeth - She's so cuddly and cute but also almost always has the smartest point and like Toby she doesn't take any crap from the reporters.

Cliff - He was great the first time around too. But he's developed a dry with over the last few years but still manages to stay respectful. I love his deadpanned 'M&Ms with the Seal of the President' thing :D

Anyway it's left me in a squeeful West Wing place again and now I need to get my hands on series 7. Although that wasn't much of a cliffhanger. And probably Santos/McGarry will win the election and the world won't end. But since it's only one more series, they might let the Republicans win. Either way I think it's going to be a fun campaign to watch and why are real politics not interesting like that? *g*
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