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'Cause I was so good and stopped myself from several memes I deserve this *g*

Comment and I'll give you a letter and then you have to list 10 things you love that begin with that letter.

hermioneorourke gave me the letter F.

1. Firefly - Yep, that one's pretty obvious :D
2. Fanfic - Hours and hours and hours of happiness in make-believe land.
3. Fry, as in Steven and also Laurie, Hugh. Especially when they're together. Anyone who's not sure why, go watch this.
4. Friends - Whether the TV show or actually having some I'll leave for your imaginations.
5. Family - Ummm I should probably mention that this is in no order other than the way they occur to me.
6. Flanigan - See I always had this thing about fannishly obsessing over characters but not actors. Then SGA come along and blew up that whole principle with the force of several dozen naquadah generators.
7. Flake

8. Food - One of my friends was going through a photo album and she made the comment that almost every single picture in the 300 page album involved food. I honestly don't know how we manage to eat so much. *g*
9. Fox Mulder - It's been a while, but he was pretty much my first TV crush. I think that will earn him a special place in my heart forevermore.
10. Ferris wheels? LOL. Ok the Fair - Rides, music and candyfloss. What's not to love?

Woah, that is a lot more difficult than it looks. *g*
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