Maria (ria_kukalaka) wrote,

Birthday weekend

Thanks to everyone for the wishes, they make me feel all shiny :)

I've had a great time. Friday was sleepover with my 'cool' friends (morganmuffle, tikiberry and azicrow). There was lots of Supernatural, Dark Angel and otherwise squeeful fannish discussions. *g* Also there was cake. And expensive chocolates and normal priced chocolates and V for Vendetta *twirls morganmuffle*

Ooh and then on Sat evening when I finally managed to get rid of them all, there was McKay and Mrs Miller, but at that point I was tired enough that it was enjoyed purely on the level of "oooh look, Rodney pretty".

This morning, my sisters made pancakes with strawberries and cream and more chocolate for breakfast, which was yummy. Then I met some other friends (plus azicrow 'cos she has no life of her own just loves me that much) for a chinese buffet lunch. That was also yummy. And soon we have lots of family type people coming for dinner. Whoa, I eat a lot.

ETA: A totally special thank you to imagechild for making my day, week year!
Tags: azi, chocolate, dark angel, hope, spn, v for vendetta, wiki
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