Maria (ria_kukalaka) wrote,

Meme nabbed from martoufmarty

Last Time I Did a Meme: Two whole days ago, I'm so proud I lasted this long.
Last Alcoholic Drink: Never :)
Last Car Ride: This morning, my sister drove me to the hospital.
Last Hug: It was probably azicrow yesterday.
Last Time You Cried: Yesterday
Last Library Book: Ummm...I only ever go to the library at the hospital and it only has medical books (gosh that's sad). I think the last one I took out was The ABC of Sexually Transmitted Infections.
Last book bought: 150 ECG problems a few months ago. I need to buy a load pretty soon. *sighs* Last non-worky book bought: It's been long enough that I don't actually remember, I think it was The Official Visual Companion to Serenity.
Last Book Read: Wow, I really suck at books. I used to love to read but now I'm really busy and all my spare time is spent doing stupid things like this, and reading fanfic. I think the last one was probably the last HP.
Last Movie Rented: *giggles* I can't remember the name. I watched it with my sisters. It was about a girl (the one from Hilliary Duff - I remembered!) pretending to be a secret admirer for her mother 'cause she wanted her to be happy. Yes I sat through it all.
Last Beverage Drank: Coke, right now.
Last Food Consumed: Chicken for lunch :)
Last Crush: Navin Chowdhry

Those eyes! Those lips!
Last Phone Call: azicrow - maybe I need to get more friends? *g*
Last TV Show Watched: NCIS during lunch!
Last Band You Saw: Hmmm must have been at the Indian musical festival in London a couple of years ago.
Last Time Showered: This morning
Last Shoes Worn: I'm wearing my slippers right now
Last CD Played: James Darren, "From the heart"
Last Item Bought: Not including food and drink? I bought some underwear earlier in the week. Oh what a glamorous life I lead.
Last Annoyance: Insanely sucky people.
Last Disappointment: Has got to be the same. I really expected better.
Last Soda Drank: Coke, still now.
Last Words Spoken: "Oi, hurry up." My siblings need to be screamed at. :)

And now I'm apparently I have to go do family stuff. Oh well it's not like passing is important or anything. Oh wait...
Tags: azi, family, meme, navin chowdhry, ncis, work
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