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Studio 60 1X05: The Long Lead Story

"You knock my socks off!"
LOL! Who else loves that Harriet is such a fangirl!?!

I adore Jordan more and more with every episode, and thats so weird, 'cause I was so sure she'd annoy me. But paying respect to Wes' memory, you gotta give her points for that. Plus the British accent just made me giggle.

It's so nice to get more background on everyone. I love Danny. Divorced twice! I REALLY LOVED that conversation. Danny finishing off Matt's sentences - god are they in tune or what?

And yes, it is soooo cute that they all try to cover for each other. I miss this sense of 'family' so much from early West Wing. Oh Sorkin, you knock my socks off.

Tom in a lobster costume is love! In fact there should be a colourbar or something ;)
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