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So a couple of months ago, I got a new phone as an upgrade with my contract. But I'm happy with my phone and thought I could use the extra cash so I sold the phone on ebay. The person who bought it decided to pay with cheque and asked if I could post it ASAP. I said I'd do it as soon as the cheque cleared. Which I did. It took about a week. Then he complained that it took too long and he no longer wanted the phone. Not wanting the hassle, I agreed to refund his money. Stupidly, STUPIDLY, I sent him a cheque before he returned the phone. Now he's saying that he never got the cheque, despite the fact that the bank says it's gone out.

I can report him on ebay, but other than that I don't know what to do. So now I'm going to be miserable and bunk off my one tutorial so I can stay home and watch Heroes and NCIS. *g*

In the meantime, have another meme (What? I need distraction!)
Comment with the name/title of a fandom I know, no matter how obvious you think the answers will be, and I'll reply to you with the relationships (canon or not) from it I 'ship. Also, you're free to reply in sub threads and ask why I ship or don't ship something.

Oh and don't forget this one. It's fun. Feel free to make it difficult.
Tags: meme, rl
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