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Numb3rs: 3X05 Traffic

Larry rocks, just in case I haven't mentioned that lately!
How cool is it that he wants Amita to go elsewhere!?! *g* Of course than he has to cover himself and be helpful.
"I guess you just caught me when the caffeine was kicking in."
He's so cooool!!!

Also the Don and Charlie conversation was very cute! It's nice that their work is actually bringing them closer. And Amita is not working out at all, could Charlie have been more negative! :D
But of course the best, THE BEST, part was:
"Your boy, Larry!"
DON SO KNOWS. Did you see his grin?

Although I will admit that Larry/Megan are cute too. I just hope it stays like this and doesn't turn into the writer's trying to shove it down our throats as with Charlie/Amita. I'm slightly worried about how Dianne Farr's pregnancy is going to factor into this. I hope they just ignore it completely and send her on a sabbatical or something.

And Don hasn't been himself since Megan's kidnapping. Charlie's been up and down this series too - why was he so quick to jump to the theory that it was random? Building up to something?
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