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Numb3rs 3X04: Mole

Charlie: Well, actually, I am using differential geometry to perfect the chocolate chip cookie, that’s right.
Amita: What, is this in case the whole math genius thing doesn’t work out?

Charlie: What he’s done is fairly impressive.
Amita: Oh, fairly impressive.
Charlie: Well, you know what I mean.
Amita: No. What do you mean?
Charlie: Nothing. It, it ha—, it has great potential.
Amita: Ahh, but it needs your assistance.
Charlie: To be honest with you, yeah, yes, mmm hmm.
Amita: Charlie, did you ever think that maybe Larry doesn’t want your...?
Charlie: Why wouldn’t Larry want my help?
Amita: I don’t know but he sure didn’t ask for it, did he?

Larry: Now, I’m sensing that there might be something more involved here than well-wishes.
Charlie: Oh, uh, did you forget where my office was?
Larry: Nooo, no. Stromburg has - is so much experience in this field.
Charlie: Yeah...I know, I know...
Larry: Yeah...but
Charlie: I'm just so used to you coming to see me.
Larry: Oh..I think perhaps I was getting a little too used to it myself.
Charlie: Oh Larry, you know, I hope I've never made you feel
Larry: No, absolutely not. No, I just, I feel of late, just a need to do some branching out, that’s all.
Charlie: Branching out.
Larry: Yeah, well, I’m maybe like a comet trying to break out of its orbit, uh, find my own escape trajectory, just come into my own entity. I’m so sorry I’m running late, but, Charles, I think I just need to stretch myself. That’s all. Pure and simple.

Charlie: I did, I did. You know, I imagined her walking, the, the motion of her feet, and then it occurred to me, um, curtate cycloid.
Megan: Oh, curtate cycloid.
David: CC.
Megan: Right, of course.

Larry: I even tried sending my own secret messages in response.
Charlie: I never thought about doing that.
Larry: Well, the police came to my house.
Charlie: The police came?
Larry: Yeah, it was some FCC violation. I think they were police.

Charlie: You know, that reminds me of that time that we rewired the PA system at Princeton.
Larry: I have to say, it was refreshing to see your sense of humor that time. Yeah, well, up 'til then I was a little worried that your natural intensity might well be your undoing.
Charlie: It wasn’t just about IQs.
Larry: What, our working together? No, no, no, I knew your sense of analysis suited my own.

Alan: Why don’t you ask yourself this, are you really ready to tell Larry that his work is good, but just not good enough?

David (to Tyler, holding gun to Colby’s head): He dies, you die.

David: Are you okay?
Colby: Yeah, I already told you, I’m fine.
David: That was a close call earlier.
Colby: Goes with the territory, right?
David: I’m just saying, man, it’s not like you to not bring your A-game, brother.
Colby: A guy gets the jump on me and suddenly I’m losing it?
David: I’m just saying that, the last couple of days you’ve been kind of quite. Hey, I’m your partner, man, if there’s something on your mind just let me know, okay?
Colby: Look, David, I appreciate what you did in there, all right, but I am fine. See you tomorrow.
David: Okay.

Don: What, you got something you want to say?
David: Don, if Colby withheld something, I’m sure he had a good reason for it.

Larry: You know, he spent half the time trying to prove the TA’s thesis was wrong.
Alan: Well, Charlie was never afraid to give his opinion.
Larry: Well, of course Charles was right.

Larry: In my field, dependence on any one person, that can spell the end of a career, and I’m just not ready to go, not yet.
Alan: Well, you know, there’s also something called pride, and I’ve never found that a great justification for anything.

Charlie (about Larry's puzzle): You're still trying to undie yourself?
Larry: There's over 70 precise moves with this.
Charlie: Well they don't call it the world's toughest brainteaser for nothing.
Larry: Mmm I used to be able to do these in under 2 minutes, now it's over 6. (hands over puzzle)
Charlie: Oh that's still pretty good.
Larry:'s not my best. Neither was hiring Stromburg as my collaborator.
Charlie: Larry, we've discussed this, you know, Stromburg’s good. (works on puzzle then hands it back)
Larry: Yeah, but he’s not the best. What I forgot to keep in mind: The paper meant nothing. See, it was all about the work. Or should have been. Speaking of work, I could still use your help, if it's not too late. (works on puzzle then hands it back)
Charlie: Larry, I have a confession to make.
Larry: Yeah.
Charlie: I already read the paper.
Larry: Oh...and?
Charlie: You want me to be honest with you?
Larry: No, I don’t, I want to remain a blithering idiot. Yes, of course I want your honesty.
Charlie: Larry, I never want to lose you as a friend.
Larry: And you never shall.
Charlie: Your paper, it’s a work of genius.
Larry (smiling): Okay, now there, was that so hard?
Charlie: But....(works on puzzle then hands it back)
Larry: But...
Charlie: It would have benefitted from the work of two geniuses.
Larry: Yeah. Simon and Garfunkel, perhaps? (works on puzzle then hands it back)
Charlie: Okay, fine, yes, as long as I’m Simon. (works on puzzle and holds it out for Larry)
Larry: Oh, well, Charles, ever the pragmatist. (slots in the last piece)

Oh Colby! Oh David! Oh Charlie! OH LARRY!!!
LOL! Possibly I got a little carried away with the Charlie/Larry parts, but how could I not? First we have poor insecure Charlie, thinking he's been replaced, and reacting in the way he knows best - by lashing out. And then that end - seriously does anything say "love" better than 'the paper meant nothing'!!!
I've said it before and I shall say it again.
Larry Fleinhardt owns me.
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