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How cool is it to be able to squee about TV at the same time as everyone else? ;)

OMG! So much squee, and I know I won't be able to remember it all because I think my brain my have shorted out! Thank goodness for reruns on Wednesday.

Random things that stuck out:
  • Captain Jack's coat.
  • MPREG is canon.
  • "That's so Welsh. I show you something incredible, and you find fault."
  • They all sit around and speculate on Captain Jack's sexuality.
  • Owen sneaked out the coolest alien device in the history of cool alien devices and puts it to the best possible use. Unfortunately he had to give it back. *sad face*
  • Captain Jack's coat.
  • Captain Jack looking for "the right sort of Doctor".
  • Toshiko rocks in a totally geeky yet kickass and still way pretty sort of way. It was sad that they killed Suzie, but mainly I was just glad she wasn't the evil one.
  • Gwen is apparently a slut and will kiss anyone.
  • Captain Jack's eyes, oh and the coat.
  • Captain Jack wants to be the one who gets to throttle Owen.
  • OMG! Could John Barrowman be any prettier.

    Ok, is it weird that I want fanfic, like now!?!
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