Maria (ria_kukalaka) wrote,

The shows I'm currently watching

This has cropped up on my flist a few times and I'm avoiding sick children for a while.

Numb3rs - Love it. Love. Wait all week to watch it and then spend the whole episode squeeing over everything Larry does and says. And bouncing if it includes/involves Charlie. Therefore I miss the plot to almost all of them. That's ok though, gives me a reason to watch it again (and squee over Larry).

Supernatural - Oh Dean!

Studio 60 - My favourite new show. All of the characters rock majorly, it's funny and clever and well-written. *fingers crossed it doesn't get cancelled anytime soon*

Heroes - Another great new show. I'm really getting interested in the characters especially Mohinder and Peter. And I love that it always ends on a cliff hanger- something to look forward to for next time.

Torchwood - Ok, I've only seen two episodes, but I can feel I'm going to love it. I mean...John Barrowman as Capt Jack...what else does a fangirl need?

NCIS - Continues to be good. I have odd sort of feelings towards it. It feels like the kind of show I'd watch if it was on and I happened to be sitting infront of a TV, despite the fact that I watch it regularly and enjoy every ep. *doesn't understand her own brain*

Veronica Mars - series 1, yep I am miles behind everyone else yet again, but it's far more absorbing than a show about a highschool girl has an right to be ;)

And waiting for SGA and House to start back up.

That's a normal amount, right ;)
Tags: heroes, ncis, numb3rs, spn, studio 60, torchwood, tv, vm
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