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09 November 2006 @ 09:13 am
Secret Santa?  
I know, I know most people have already signed up to dozens. But, for something completely unique, here's one devoted entirely to Kavanagh! There are at least a few Kavanagh fans on my flist, and I suspect there are a few more in hiding ;)

Come have a go. It's Christmas(-ish) and it'll be fun!

You know you want to
Larian: SGA-Lorne Cutie by monanotlisalarianelensar on November 10th, 2006 05:06 am (UTC)
Why doesn't this shock me? *hee*
Maria: lorne kavtolanonria_kukalaka on November 10th, 2006 08:38 am (UTC)
LOL! You should sign up *g* I think you've read enough Kav fic to start having a go at it ;)