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Just finished a ward round and got my assessment form signed since it's my last working day in lincoln i got all excellents for my portfolios :D - staying around tommorow to check out the Cathedral (yes i haven't had a tour in 8 weeks!!) :D But we started early so i haven't had any breakfast. Am starving now and don't really know what i'm gonna make for lunch. I was thinking of being lazy and just going to the cafe but we went out to a way posh restaurant last night (and by that i mean £45 between 3 of us!!) so i probably shouldn't waste any more money :(

Have a MEAU session in the afternoon - which is always exciting cos i get to do hands on clincal stuff like take blood - the last time i did that, i made the biggest mess ever - including blood on the tie of the reg who was supervising me and the litle old lady said "you're cruel, you're torturing me. mean girl" her exact words!!! of course she was a little demented :D
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