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...In case you needed any more proof that I'm back :)

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Write the first sentence from the first entry of every month.

January - Later on today, I'm being relocated to some far away distant corner of the Pegasus galaxy/Pylea/the Delta quadrant/insert appropriate fandom related location here, for about 8 weeks
February - So we're doing this totally insane 'project' where we have to do a presentation for "if you were stuck on a desert island, what 10 drugs would you take with you?"
March - Just because I'm alone in the house right now and there's only so many times you can bounce around on your own.
April - YAY! Going to Bangkok next Thursday 'til Sunday.
May - Hey everyone, as always RL is getting more and more hectic.
June - Not as good as I was hoping it would be but still worth the watch. [X-Men 3]
July - So in honour of Slash Day:
August - It was as bad as I was expecting it to be from all the reactions I'd heard. [West Wing, Series 6 - except I'm pretty sure that was meant to be it wasn't as bad! D'oh!]
September - So apparently Navin Chowdhry (you remember Mani right?) played a HEMS Doctor!!!
October - I feel a like a little bit of a whore for pimping out a Charlie/Colby fic, that goes against my obviously unshakable OTP.
November - The History Boys ROCKS!!!
December - Home again. *hugs internet* (Wow! That was the first one!)

In summary: I need to start writing in actual sentences.
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