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This is totally stolen from tikiaceae and because she keeps complaining that I never post anymore. (Seriously guys, I've turned lurking into an art form)

Yes, my target is only 2000 words, but it's like a proper grown up scientific paper for a actual real journal and so none of it can be waffly and all of it has to be serious. And I can barely talk like a grown up let alone write like one!
Social Network

The Social Network

So I've been trying to resist but it's just not working anymore...

Can someone please rec me some TSN fics? Lovely ones. Fix it fics. With Mark and Eduardo being the best of friends for ever and ever more.

j/r/r lunch

SGA love!

Yes I'm making an entire post just to say I'm putting up my 2011 SGA calender! Wheeee! There's John and Rodney and Ronon and Jewel Staite prettiness. And I found a tiny picture of Daniel Jackson just to add to the squee!

And just for azicrow November is Carson month :)

No Radek though - hmmmm maybe I'll stick in a picture of him, for completeness sack of course. *g*
Arthur/Eames darling

2010, Bridget Jones style

New Year's resolutions = 4. New Year's resolutions kept = 1 (v. good effort).

Driving tests done = 4 (excellent progress). Driving tests passed = 0 (not v.g.).

New Fandoms = 7 (Life, White Collar, Rizolli and Isles, Sherlock, Inception, Kurt/Blaine [that counts because it's not Glee, it's most certainly just Kurt/Blaine], Hawaii Five-O). Old Fandoms kept = all of them (very bad, must stop obsessively collecting fandoms).

Number of times "The Kevin/Scotty story" watched on YouTube = 3 (fair). Minutes spent pretending the most recent Kevin/Scotty disaster never happened = approx 660 (poor).

Sleepovers = 4 (No, I'll really never grow up)

Number of days we had snow = 18. Number of days Jayne hat worn = 43 (good). Number of comments on Jayne hat = 5 (continuing good work).

Magic Elves = 32 (completely understandable). Money spent on Magic Elves = £9.28 (worth it)

Now off to spent New Year's Eve watching Jonathan Creek +/- other happy inducing things. YAY!

Happy New Year everyone
Zelenka Xmas

Christmas time is here again

I know it's not even December yet so I should be all cynical and suspicious of comercialism and not even mention the C-word but Magic Elves are back!!! I discovered this yesterday. And so far I've eaten 9!

Is there really any problem that can't be solved by Sparkling Chocolate?

BTW: Since when have they started to cost 29p each!?
bbm - happiness

Hope survives

I just had the strangest encounter. Two lovely old ladies came to the door and spent about 15 minutes telling me not to worry, that the wars and floods and corruption of today would soon be gone and that we'll all live happy, peaceful, prosperus lives and we should keep on hoping for the future.

They weren't trying to sell me anything. Or convert me to any religion. They just wanted to reassure me that things would get better!

So I'm sharing that sentiment.

They ended by asking me if I'd be ok reading English. But I'm ignoring that bit. I hope my reply didn't come off as too sarcastic, they really did seem like lovely ladies.
Dean - smile

I needs help ppl!!!

*confession* So back when it was all new and shiny and had cool music (ok, mainly just the music) I used to watch Smallville. Thankfully I grew out of that phase (which hardly ever happens with me) but I think it was thanks to Jensen being awful. Seriously, any show that can cause Jensen to be awful, doesn't deserve watching.

But then this morning, whilst waiting to go to work, I was kinda channel flicking and then there was Smallville with two pretty boys looking all intense and close and arguing and well...close. AND THEN there was The Daily Planet! And then I had to leave :(

And now all my Superman love has come flooding come and I want to rewatch Smallville from the beginning!!!

Somebody save me!