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Isn't my life interesting?

"Failure is always fleeting. Success never lasts."

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My journal is likely to be a disproportionate mix of fandom squee and complete randomness - pretty much an accurate reflection of my life.

My current obsessions are
  • Stargate: Atlantis - Possibly I'm developing a little thing for Lorne/Kavanagh. It makes complete sense. They were together at the SGC. Had a little falling out. Kav went to a different galaxy and Lorne came tumbling after. (hey I never said my world was a sane place).
  • Numb3rs: OMG Charlie! OMG Larry! OMG Charlie/Larry!
  • Supernatural: Love *everything* about this show. No really. It's not just about how pretty Dean is...
  • John Barrowman - what can I say, he's just so happy inducing.

    However my obsessions always tend to be a little fluid, and at any given point I'm probably juggling quite a few others :)

    imagechild (who completely rocks) made this adorable chibi drawing of azicrow, herself and me! YAY!

    Marriage is love.

    Made by kaaatie

    Kavanagh is curious, nerdy, bitching, plotting, pony-tail love

    Made by scap3goat

    A chez_hylde Creation

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    Strongly Cautioned. Some material in this journal may be inappropriate to younger or close-minded people. People should be careful about adding this journal because they could possibly be offended. Rough or persistent violent talk is absent; sexually-oriented nudity is generally absent; some talk of adult situations may be present from time to time in the journal; You will probably find a fair amount of slash here.

    Huge thanks to jhava for my wonderful John Barrowman mood theme *loves*
  • alexis denisof, angel, anthony stewart head, ben cotton, british humour, brokeback mountain, brothers and sisters, buffy, carter/abbey, charlie eppes, charlie/larry, charmed, chocolate, cinema, coke, colin firth, daniel jackson, daniel/sha're, dark angel, data, david hewlett, david krumholtz, david nykl, dean, dean winchester, doctor who, don eppes, dr. kavanagh, er, fanfic, fictional doctors, firefly, giles, giles/jenny, h2g2, harry potter, hot chocolate, house md, house/wilson, jack/daniel, jensen ackles, john barrowman, john carter, john sheppard, josh lyman, josh/donna, joss whedon, julian bashir, julian/miles, kavan smith, kavanagh, kevin walker, kevin/scotty, larry fleinhardt, logan kyle, lord of the rings, lorne/kavanagh, lost, major lorne, malcolm reed, markham/stackhouse, matthew rhys, mckay/beckett/zelenka, mckay/sheppard/beckett/zelenka, mckay/sheppard/zelenka, mckay/zelenka, medicine, michael gallant, michael shanks, movies, mulder/scully, mulder/skinner, navin chowdhry, ncis, neela/ray, numb3rs, oz, peter grodin, prague, pride and prejudice, psych, queer as folk, radek zelenka, ray barnett, rob lowe, rodney mckay, rodney/radek/chocolate cake, sally field, sam seaborn, sci fi and fantasy, serenity, sergeant bates, sha're/daniel, sheppard/lorne, shipper, simon/kaylee, slash, smallville, star trek, star wars, stargate atlantis, stargate sg1, supernatural, the 4400, the west wing, tom/b'elanna, vince tyler, wash/zoe, wesley wyndam-pryce, wesley/gunn, willow, willow/oz, x-files, zelenka/sheppard

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